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New Web Site Makes It Easy To Create Online Sign Up Sheets For Events

Fort Worth, Texas - April 2, 2012 - VolunTRAC.com gives event organizers the tools to easily create attractive and easy to use online sign up sheets

VolunTRAC ( http://www.voluntrac.com ) has released a new Web site that gives event organizers a simple and fast way to create sign up sheets for activity & event participants. Creating an online sign up sheet can be cumbersome. VolunTRAC's new system has made it simple to sign up for an event in under 30 seconds. The goal of the new site is to give event & activity organizers the tools needed to easily manage participants and activities.

Whether an organizer needs volunteers for a bake sale, a church function, a school PTA meeting or a potluck dinner ( for more examples see: http://www.voluntrac.com/how-example.cfm ) , using VolunTRAC will bring a higher sign up rate for the event. The customizable, simple to use and highly organized sign up sheets will drive more participants to the event and keep them organized. The participant sign up sheet allows them to quickly see exactly what they are signing up for, leaving no more confusion about what they are going to contribute to an event.

"With VolunTRAC, it's like having an event sign up sheet sitting on the computer of every person online." said Winston Williams President of See Fusion Technologies, creator of VolunTRAC. "Event organizers can easily set up a sign up sheet and anyone with an Internet connection can register for the event in less than 30 seconds."

Event & activity organizers interested in creating a sign up sheet are encouraged to visit http://www.voluntrac.com/organizer/signup.cfm

About VolunTRAC
VolunTRAC was built to allow people to quickly create attractive online sign up sheets and to take all the hassle out of organizing activities. The old fashioned paper sign up sheet is a hassle to work with. Not only is it hard to get people to sign up, but keeping up with changes and switches can be a real nightmare as well. Creating a sign up sheet is only half the battle, getting everyone to do what they signed up for can sometimes be very time consuming. With VolunTRAC event organizers now have an integrated messaging system, allowing them to quickly send out emails to volunteers. This same system also allows organizers to setup automatic email reminders to let their volunteers know what commitments they have signed up for. For more information, visit http://www.voluntrac.com